Services in Siliguri

With an estimated population of a half a million (2011 census), Siliguri needs efficient civic infrastructure and public utility services to function seamlessly. Thus many state government institutions as well as private organizations work continuously to tackle the increasing needs of the Siliguri population.

Services in Siliguri
Services in Siliguri

The administration of this rapidly developing metropolis is thus a challenging task, which is ensured under the efficient aegis of governing bodies like the Siliguri Municipal Corporation, Siliguri-Jalpaiguri Development Authority and by private organizations in the form of banking services, telecommunications and health services by both. Find out more about the public utility services rendered to the citizens and visitors to Siliguri:

Municipal Services in Siliguri

Services in Siliguri
Siliguri Municipal Corporation

Siliguri Municipality became a Municipal Corporation in the year 1994. Most of its administrative jurisdiction is in the Darjeeling district, though 14 of Siliguri’s 47 wards fall in the neighbouring Jalpaiguri district. The Siliguri Municipal Corporation serves an estimated population of 4, 72,374 (according to 2001 Census). It offers its services through various departments like Public Works Department in charge of construction and repairing roads and drains, Electricity Department in charge of development and maintenance of street lighting, Accounts Department, issuing Birth and Death Certificates, Building Department, Trade License, City Water Supply, U.P.E. Department, Public Health including hospitals, Purchase Department, Vehicles Department and Market Department.

Besides the Tax Department, Environment Conservation which includes collection of garbage, clinical waste and setting up solid waste processing plant, Cash Department, Law Department, Guest House Booking Cell and Sports Department also help to improve the life of Siliguri citizens.

Health Care Services in Siliguri

Siliguri has efficient government and private health services for its people. The Health & Family Welfare in Siliguri aims to improve the quality of life of Siliguri residents through a synergistic approach involving nutrition, sanitation, safe drinking water and hygiene. It also aims to improve the access of health care for the people in rural areas especially for the poor, women as well as children.

The North Bengal Medical College, established in 1968 is located in Sushrutanagar, west of Siliguri i.e. at a distance of only 5 km from the town. It is one of the largest government health care unit in the entire region.

Banking Services in Siliguri

As an important commercial hub, Siliguri has seen unprecedented flow of finance in the last few decades. Thus a number of private and nationalized banks have set up their multiple branches to provide their services and meet the banking needs of the ever increasing population in the city and adjoining areas.

Postal Services in Siliguri

Services in Siliguri
Siliguri Head Post Office

There are about 39 post offices (including branch offices and sub offices) in Siliguri Taluk within West Bengal. These provide various essential services to the population of Siliguri like mail and parcel, banking, speed post, logistics post, business post, financial services like post office savings schemes, money transfer, money remittance service besides retail services and customer care. Some of the postal services are especially geared to help the rural population of Siliguri.
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